Thursday, July 15, 2010

What is a BLOG? Air Tan's Spray Tan Blog

Everyone keeps asking, "What is the Air Tan Blog?"

A blog is a two way online communication to engage and interact with each other discussing specific topics in an informal atmosphere.

A blog allows direct access to "decision makers", and getting a fresh insight into the Air Tan Company. With the blog we want to bring the Air Tan community together to converse on what works and what doesn't. Also the Air Tan customers can voice what you truly want and need.

By communicating online, people are able to "speak" freely, as they are protected safely in an anonymous technological environment.  This blog offers us a chance to listen to your feedback, wishes, and comments on how effectively our products and services are being used.

We want the blog to be a catalyst for conversation, bringing like-minded people to one place to talk directly to the Air Tan staff and Spray Tan experts.