Thursday, November 18, 2010

Small Beauty Entrepreneurs Must Rise Above The Competition In Tough Economy

Columbus, Indiana Local Liz Medley, owner/manager and Artist of the Air Tan & Salon in Franklin recently and for the second time attended an unusual advanced business seminar. “Champ Camp” is a seminar focused on individuals working in the beauty industry including salon and spa owners, hairstylists, estheticians, nail technicians and other professionals. With the current economy causing hard times in small businesses, salons and spas across the nation are struggling to survive. Champ Camp is designed to take business owners to the next level, ensuring that they not only survive in the current tough economy – but thrive.

“Thousands of salons will close this year,” says Champ Camp attendee Liz Medley of the Air Tan & Salon. “We will NOT be among them!” Even without hard economic times, in the competitive professional beauty industry, thousands of salons go out of business every year, while many technicians struggle to earn a living. Champ Camp was created by Lauren Gartland, a beauty industry veteran. She founded the business training and coaching company Inspiring Champions in 1995 to help salon owners and independent salon technicians across North America to gain the business skills they need to ensure a long and rewarding career in the industry.

Medley of Air Tan & Salon notes the importance of this type of motivational business training in the current economy. “Many beauty professionals have a creative mindset, having technical skills yet lacking the business skills to stay competitive. In addition to the new financial skill sets we learned at Champ Camp, we also learned to adopt the attitude needed to succeed. In 1954 in Oxford, England, Roger Bannister became the first man to break the four minute mile. Doctors said it was physically impossible. Yet once he broke that record and the world saw that is was actually possible – within 45 days, 16 other runners had broken it too. Once the belief was there, others overcame the obstacle. What we ultimately learned is that once we believe in ourselves we can achieve any goal, once we take action.”

This type of perseverance may just be the defining mark between small business owners who endure the current economy and those who do not. Gartland equates career and life success with the goal of climbing a mountain. “To reach the pinnacle of success, you need tools and skills just like a mountain climber. You need goals, a plan, support, direction, focus and motivation.”

She’s there to provide the required tools and skills along with plenty of coaching and inspiration. Inspiring Champions has helped thousands of beauty professionals to successfully reach their career and life goals. Liz Medley and the Air Tan Team consider that they have just taken the first step up that mountain.

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